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Thread: WTB: RZ Pro II D and lenses

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    WTB: RZ Pro II D and lenses

    Hi all,
    anyone with an RZ D system looking to sell, esp. in the NYC/NJ area?
    thanks in advance/

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    Re: WTB: RZ Pro II D and lenses

    I have an RZ Pro11D with:

    30mm fisheye, 50 mm, both ordinary and short barrel 70mm lenses, 110, 180 ( both short and normal barrel lenses) , 210 Apo , also tilt shift adaptor, polaroid back and of course both finders WLF and 90 degree AE enabled prism finders as well as extension tubes.

    I will be on holidays till 1st August and on yacht sailing so no communication ( good plan huh?) - flying out in the morning. Happy to sell the whole kit for $6000 if you are interested.

    I bought the kit from David K on here and some bits from Jack and some new bits from Capture Integration. Leave a PM if you are interested. It is a great kit a lot of the stuff is like new - would be good to get it into some one's hands that will use it.


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