Juggling some more gear to help pay for the M lens lust First up is a Mamiya 645AF 35mm F3.5 AF in mint condition. This lens is very sharp and I think it's what we would call a good copy. I bought the lens from well-respected forum member at Lumonious-Landscape; he was the original owner. The sale includes the lens, original caps and hood - no box. I had hoped to use this lens for an upcoming trip to Alaska, but have decided to build up the Leica kit instead. Price is $750 shipped and paypal'd in the US.

Next up is like new, in box Mamiya M645 150mm F2.8 lens. The lens looks like new, smells like new and performs very nicely. I think the Mamiya 200mm F2.8 APO is a whisker sharper, but the 150mm F2.8 is a very, very close 2nd place. The 150mm has a built-in sliding hood, so as a travel lens, it's pretty compact as medium format lenses go. Price is $275 shipped and paypal'd in the US.