I am selling my beloved three-cam Leica 15 Super Elmar-R f/3.5, ser. 300xxxx. It is an exceptional lens, but is a bit wide for me on the A900. This is simply the best landscape and interior lens available. The lens is Zeiss built and tweaked to match Leica color, best of both worlds. The lens also has built-in UV, orange, blue and yellow filters, selectable by turning a ring.

This lens will work on Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax with adapters.

The lens is in good user condition, but it is not in collector condition. There is a dent on the lower end of the lens shade and a very small rub mark on the rear element. Neither effect lens function or image quality in any way.

$2,175, shipped and paypal'd in the US.

Recent images with the lens: