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Thread: Mamiya Pro TL Apo 2.8/300 + Nikon D3 Adapter + 2x Tele-Converter

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    Mamiya Pro TL Apo 2.8/300 + Nikon D3 Adapter + 2x Tele-Converter

    FS: Mamiya 645 Pro TL Apo-Tele 2.8/300 + 2x Tele-Converter + Novoflex Adapter for Nikon D3

    Descriptions: The Mamiya Apo-Tele 2.8/300 once sold for $12,000.00 when it was still in production. The lens is sharp with smooth bokeh. More importantly, tele-photo lens weakness has always been chromatic aberration unless it is corrected. This lens was made from special low dispersion glass and with formulas to correct chromatic aberration. The F2.8 is extremely fast for medium format with extremely shallow depth of fields for special effects. In addition, the apo correction lens also have more shallow depth of field than lens without the correction. The Novoflex adapter alone cost $500.00. This adapter is extremely precise and strong with infinity focus. The lens will work on the Mamiya Pro TL or on the AFD and AFD II cameras with manual stop down. The lens also will work on Nikon DSLR cameras via the Novoflex adapter which is included.

    Condition: The lens has the original box and lens shade like when bought new. It is in mint condition. The adapter is also mint. Both item was only used a few times for testing and a few portrait shots. The 2x Tele-Converter is useful when you need the reach and it is also in mint condition.

    Price: $3,500.00
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