Have for sale some odds and sods. All prices are US$, shipped by NORMAL post from Canada. Payment by PP or EMT (within Canada). All in great shape:

1. New Chimera resin softbox adapter/mount.
Acquired a rotating Chimera-Eli speedring to adapt to Mola Demi and have no need for Softbox-side of equation. Includes box and all mounting screws.

Can be used to adapt any number of lights to Chimera with the appropriate insert or hardware (some light do not require an inner ring) or to adapt a speedlight or QFlash unit, etc. US$30

Pics courtesy B&H - 1st shows mount in question (again ONLY resin portion) and a similar unit, sold new, to use Chimera SB with handle-mount flash. there are many other possibilities - limited simply by your imagination and access to a hardware store ;>

I regularly use an older Nikon speedlight with my Rotalux 70cm via a DIY mount and it works great for up-close quick portable work (aka "Trailer-Park Quadra").

NOTE: Again, this is only the resin part of the pics below, it DOES NOT include the metal Elinchrom insert.

2. Generic Hasselblad - Leica R adapter US$20.
Can also be used with Leica-Canon adapter (as I used it) for using Hassy MF glass on EoS body.

3. Leica DMR Large Eyecup (14217) NIB $25