"How Fast Are They?
Really Fast!

How Big Are They?
Really Big!

Things have been quiet on the memory card front for a while, but now several companies have introduced bigger and faster cards. One of these is a previously unknown called PhotoFast, a Taiwanese company that I expect is going to become much better known in the months ahead.
I haven't been paying much attention to card technology for a while and was quite surprised to see that 32GB SD cards are now available and also 64GB CompactFlash cards. More to the point, these aren't just high capacity cards, they're fast. The 32GB CF cards are rated as 90MB/s Read and 80 MB/s Write (533X), while the 32GB SD cards are 21MB/s Read and 18MB/s Write. This ranks the SD cards as Class 10, far faster than the Class 6 cards which have been the fastest available until now..."

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