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Thread: Yet another Snow Leopard question

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    Yet another Snow Leopard question

    I just downloaded Eizo Color Navigator v5.2.5 for OSX10.6. Still checking with AMD to make sure my ATI x1900 Radeon graphics card will run. Other than those dreaded Epson drivers, seems I am good to go with Photoshop CS4, Canon DPP 3.7.2, and PhaseOne CO v5. Am I missing anything before I pull the plug and go "Snow"? (I do plan to make a clone of my Tiger boot drive first)

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    Re: Yet another Snow Leopard question

    If you're going to have a backup of your current system, I'd say go for it.

    You might double check some things that are easy to forget. For instance, I had to delay using the 64-bit mode until Logitech came up with a new driver for the mouse I use. Once that was in place (a couple of weeks now) I switched on 64-bit and almost forgot I did it. Business as usual in no time.

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