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Thread: Google Chrome Browser, for Mac as well.

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    Google Chrome Browser, for Mac as well.

    Hello EveryOne.

    Well, I'm on FaceBook, and play one of the games there. They changed their requirements, that Cookies must be reset. On Safari, mine were set at "accept cookies only from sites I visit", and had to change that to "always".

    Zynga games, on FaceBook are using IEsnare cookies... which I'm not that technical minded, but a information gathering cookie??? anyway some people not happy with the idea of it being there.

    So I downloaded "Google Chrome" Browser. 17Mb. Can play this game, with cookies set at "accept cookies from only sites I visit". Google Chrome is, I think, fast. Just a couple of things I do not like, tabs are above URL, and if you click red dot, top left of screen, all tabs/browser will close down, where as Safari will ask, "?are you sure you want to close 5 tabs..." It might be a preferences thing, uncertain...


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    Oxide Blu

    Re: Google Chrome Browser, for Mac as well.

    Have you tried Firefox?

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