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Thread: Macbook (White) good enough for image editing?

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    Macbook (White) good enough for image editing?

    As a result of impulse buy (I am very bad at this) I ended up buying refurb unibody macbook white that comes with LED screen from Apple. But since it was delivered, I am now wondering if I should have gone for macbook pro instead.

    My logic was in the price of macbook pro, I can get a white macbook+Aperture and as spec wise macbook and macbook pro are now very close.

    Do you think new unbody macbook is good enough for image editing in terms of processing power and mainly screen?

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    Re: Macbook (White) good enough for image editing?

    The specs are close indeed. The main contributor to performance is RAM. Buy as much as you can afford. Aperture especially loves RAM. The screen is nearly identical except for pixel dimensions. Photo editing doesn't require 3D processing, so the dual graphics processors on the pro don't make any difference. Max out the RAM and I think you will be pleased with the performance of the white MacBook.


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    Re: Macbook (White) good enough for image editing?

    The big difference between the macbook and MBP is the max ram. The MBP can have a maximum of 8GB of ram, the macbook, maxes out at 4GB. a big difference in performance.

    Then again, you could get a regular Macbook, and remove the optical drive, and replace it with an SSD drive as a main sys/boot drive... and get similar performance.

    You can find a refurbished Macbook from Apple at less than $800
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