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Thread: "Mature eyes" sore neck?

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    Cool "Mature eyes" sore neck?

    After many annual observances of my 39th birthday, I noticed that I was craning my neck uncomfortably while working at my monitor.
    I often found myself closer than I should with my head tilted up to take advantage of the closer part of my progressive lenses.

    I now have a lovely pair of oversize single vision lenses fitted into a pair of "computer glasses"
    The prescription is adjusted to be optimum for just-under arm length distance and I can now work all day in front of the monitor without straining my neck, back, and shoulders.
    This may be my best optics purchase of the year.

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    Re: "Mature eyes" sore neck?

    I got a pair too on recommendation from my optometrist. I've had mine since January and I do not know how I did without them now.

    "Creativity takes courage." ~ Henri Matisse
    Darlene Almeda,

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