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Thread: Anyone using Linux?

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    Anyone using Linux?

    For asset management, editing and output that is. Not wondering whether it can be done, but rather, whether it can be done as well as I might do it under OS X in terms of color management and what not.

    What I'm thinking of right now includes:

    24" NEC Spectraview monitor (30-bit)
    Lenovo Thinkstation C20 2x Xeon "Westmere" CPUs, DDR3 RDIMMs
    nVidia Quadro video connected via DisplayLink to the NEC
    Epson 3880 printer
    Pantone Huey Pro

    Last time I tried it, GIMP was limited to 24-bit color, raw conversion via ufraw looked pretty rough around the edges compared with commercial software, I didn't try to get a color calibrator working, and have no idea of 16-bit/channel output to the Epson is supported. What's the state of things now? Currently using Aperture 3.1 for everything.

    The appeal of the Thinkstation is that it's a bit smaller than the Mac Pro and it's looking like a $1K++ savings. Would have been perfectly happy to buy another 24" iMac with i7 processor, but they don't make one, and the 27-incher won't fit in the space that I've got. Not big on glossy screens in any event.

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    Re: Anyone using Linux?

    I run Linux and Windows and get the best of both worlds. I would either use LR and Elements of ACR and Photoshop but either way GIMP is nice but it isn't going to do much but really basic things. It depends on what you are doing, but that is a serious bit of hardware to sleaze on the software. Joe

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