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Thread: Gear i have purchased lately.

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    Gear i have purchased lately.

    i'm not a real gear head in comparison to many. i do like to refine the stuff i use to make my "workflow" some what easier. 2 item i have purchased in the past 3 months some of you might want to look into are as follows

    1-camera pack:
    F-Stop Loka w/XL ICU
    we are all looking for the holy grail in this catagory. i think F-Stop has the answer for the serious pack based product. i currently have their Loka model (smallest of their 3). their packs are modular in that they create a honest and for the most part (depending on height/build) hip loaded lightweight/Durable backpack assy which takes what they call an ICU to hold your photo gear. there are 4 sizes of ICU available of which all but the XL will fit the Loka. you can order kits with multiple ICU's with your pack for varying loads of combined necessities vs photo gear combinations. excellent accesability, usability and versatility. pricing is well upper middle of the camera pack market. i already have their largest, the satori, on order with an XL ICU. in my opinion these people have finally got the right idea. i can and do carry upwards of 40lbs of gear in it. lots of available accessory attach points based on MOLLE and good compressability. it was approx $275 shipped

    2 Monopod:
    Feisol CM-1471R
    one of the best buys in the monopod forest. excellent Quality and finishing max height of platform 67" extended and folded is 21.65" 4 sec and weighs in at 1.5lb and supports a little over 24lbs. solid as a rock. price was $138 shipped

    these were my big winter spring purchases.

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    Re: Gear i have purchased lately.

    correction on the pack. it is with the L ICU not XL

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