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Thread: Urban Disguise 60?

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    Urban Disguise 60?

    I'd like some help here...
    I have recently changed from a D70s to a D700. As a result, my travel bag no longer works as well as it once did. I have a grip on the D700, would like to bring my 70-200, a 105 Micro, 50mm, a 24-70 and a SB800 with me on a European trip this fall. In addition to this, I carry a 13" Macbook and small WD hard drive as back up. I have other 'stuff' like chargers, filters and cords that would find a place in the bag too if possible.
    While some of this might go into a carry on or vest, I'd really like as much as possible in the bag. My Tamrac Messenger 5 is a little tight. I've read reviews on this site of the TT UD 60 and figured that would be a smart way to go. I want a shoulder bag because if it fits in the 17 by 13 by 6 limit set by many airlines, it can come with me as well as my carry on as a 'personal item'. Does this bag seem like a reasonable choice? I can't find anything in either Lowepro or Tamrac that are as flexible in terms of carrying configurations.
    Thanks for this,
    Oh, and this site looks like a gold mine of information!!

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    Re: Urban Disguise 60?

    I've used the UD 60 for 4 years for flying a miniumum of 40 times a year and once double that. Incredible bag which should hold that gear easily though you won't have much room left for your sandwitches and stuff after that. Great bag, great company.
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