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Thread: Big phone - Samsung Note

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    Big phone - Samsung Note

    I got this one for its screen, and because I do software development for Android and iOS these days.

    I haven't looked into color management on Android yet, but without adjustment images look pretty good. Resolution is 1280x800 on 5.3" which translates to 285 ppi, so image resolution is more than adequate for a casual slideshow display. The screen is AMOLED which means it's OK in direct sunlight.

    The size is interesting - just a tad too big to feel comfortable in a jeans back pocket, but slips nicely into a front pocket. In hand, it sometimes feels like a tablet due to all the pixels. This is partly a software thing - some Android apps scale UI like text, some don't. It's certainly handholdable, but you kinda need to hold it with one hand and poke the screen with the other.

    The Wacom-style pressure senstive pen is a bit of a solution looking for a problem. There are some nice drawing apps out there, but that's about it.

    Also, the darn thing is really slippery - at least the white one. A grippable case of some kind is a must.

    Anways, it seems like a very nice device if you care about screen quality. For me - so far so good. It fills the function of a tablet as well as a phone, and as the saying goes, the best tablet is the one you have with you.

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    Re: Big phone - Samsung Note

    Congrats with a nice phone. I tried it a while ago and was very impressed.

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