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Thread: C1 und PS: Macbook i7 duo versus i7 quad core

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    C1 und PS: Macbook i7 duo versus i7 quad core

    I'm interested in real world experience regarding the difference between the two CPUs when using C1 and PS. Currently, I have a three year old MBP17 with a Core 2 Duo CPU and an OWC SSD + traditional HD. I had the chance to run C1 on a 2011 MacBook Air for about an hour - and it seemed to be much faster than my own machine. Now we have the 2012 models and I'm lusting for a faster machine :-)

    As I'd like to have something more portable: When _editing_ images, is the quad core much faster than the dual core CPU? (I know it's much faster when generating tiffs.) At the moment it seems to me that the MPB13, upgraded to two OWC SSDs and 16GB RAM might be good mixture of features versus weight and size (inspite of its glossy screen). And it's quite a bit cheaper than the MBP15 (non-retina).


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    Re: C1 und PS: Macbook i7 duo versus i7 quad core

    Chris quad core over the duo core in C1 is double yes double the the processing speed savings. I have done this with same exact hard drives SSD OWC and my times went in half.

    Im selling my 2011 MBP on the B&S bought just bought the 2012 non retina
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    Re: C1 und PS: Macbook i7 duo versus i7 quad core

    And I have the quad-core 15" MBP from earlier this year (and with the matte, high-rez screen, too) and on geek's tests, my Mac Pro (quad core, optioned to the max and with SSD system disk) scored 4,350.

    My present MBP, with quad cores with processing speeds only 0,1GHz slower than Guy's new one scored 10,700, over twice as fast on ALL tests.

    I travel all the time, and have to have the matte screen. I use the MBP to drive a 30" cinema display when back in the office, and the MBP drives this perfectly.

    I do not think there's any real advantage of this week's slightly revamped MBPs over mine, so buying a run-out model will save money. I do agree though that the 13" MBP (I have one of these, too) even though with glossy screen still has a significant weight advantage (~2lbs) over the 15" MBP and I am thinking of upgrading it to the dual OWC and max RAM setup for my travelling machine; still not decided yet. But, this machine would not replace the work one, because it has only the dual i7, and is significantly slower, but fast enough for travel.

    Personally, I use the DVD drive all the time, so the DVD-less machines are less attractive to me (I rip all the DVDs I own onto a small HD for travel viewing), and they come from U S, Australian, and Italian sources, and hence are DVD region 1, 4, and 2 respectively—so my two MBPs and the girlfriend's are all set to different regions!).

    Not everyone's problem set, but perhaps interesting.

    Quad core MBP is definitely the way to go.

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