I got this bag recently to take with me on my trip to the Palouse and thought I would share my experience using it.....

You can see it along with a video here:
by Incase

I probably had a little too much loaded into it but it still worked out fine. The inside is not very adjustable but it really didn't matter. Since m4/3 and Fuji lenses tend to be small I always pack them into small pouches or make the compartments in bags tiny. There is a pocket for a point and shoot. I had my smallest lenses in there.

You can get a 13" MBA into this bag depending on the gear you load in. It does have a dedicated pocket with soft fabric for an iPad (newest iPad with Logitech ultra thin keyboard cover fit just fine.

For a woman you may not like how it cuts across the front of your body. I was OK with it but it probably was not flattering. . Style makes it easy to access without taking the bag off.

Fits under an airline seat without issue.

Very well made and not too heavy. The strap weighs a lot but the way you can tighten and loosen the strap is clever and easy to do.

For me it is a keeper.

Gear I took
Olympus OMD with battery grip
Fuji X-pro1 with grip
m4/3 25 f1.4, 45 f1.8, 7-14, 12-50, 100-300
Fuji 18, 35, 60

extra batteries, cable releases spare tripod plates, extra cards, filters, wipes, iPad plus my wallet.