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Thread: New Macbook Pros No Matt Screen

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    Angry New Macbook Pros No Matt Screen

    The new macbooks and macbook pros no longer have options for a matt screen. I've never been able to make a glossy screen work for me on location with the older macbooks. The matt screens have a better angle of view and view truer to what I am seeing.

    Is there a work around with the new macbooks or do we just live with this.
    It's not an issue in a studio as I have an external monitor --- on location it is a real issue.

    Should I buy and older Macbook Pro in matt, while I can get it as a backup or is this just being neurotic?

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    Re: New Macbook Pros No Matt Screen

    I think screen surface is a personal choice. I happen to prefer the glossy screens, even under outdoor location settings, as the images look better/more accurate to my eyes.

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