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Thread: Nexus 7 First Look

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    Uwe Steinmueller

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    Re: Nexus 7 First Look

    Hi Uwe,

    Thanks for this review. I was looking at a Nexus a few days ago and thought it might be a good replacement for the iPad when traveling.

    I'd be very interested in your thoughts about the navigation. Is that app preloaded? I assume the Google maps are preloaded? Does it provide turn-by-turn voice directions? Are all maps types on-board? i.e. road, topo, satellite, etc.

    I would happily leave the iPad home if the Nexus had decent navigation, especially off-road wilderness tracking.


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    Re: Nexus 7 First Look


    I have been using a BB Playbook as it is 7 inch and has true multitasking...
    great speed and system. I hope they survive but will move to the new 7 iPad
    if and when it is released...too much software and apps on the iPad....

    For me 7 is a paperback....


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    Nexus 7 First Look

    Thank you, Uwe, for your Nexus 7 First Look article.
    A good read.

    I'm contemplating buying the new 32 Gb version, but before I do so, I have a question.
    Have you found a way to transfer data to or from a CF card and / or an SD card ?

    In other words:

    (1) does an SD card reader exist with a micro USB plug for a micro USB socket ?

    (2) or is there a micro USB "On-The-Go" OTG cable with:
    - a male micro USB plug in the one end
    - and a standard USB female plug in the other end
    so that I could use my usual SD and CF card reader with such a cable in between the Nexus 7 and my card reader ?

    I know that such a cable does exist but I do not know if Nexus 7 can understand and use such a cable connection to a card reader and also to a USB key that could serve as sort of a memory extension.
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