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Thread: I love my Sigma 18-125.... LESS!

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    I love my Sigma 18-125.... LESS!

    I have an Olympus E300, which is operating the two kit lenses nicely. However my Sigma 18-125mm DC lens has decided to not stop down. It still takes wonderfully exposed pictures at full aperture, but is not stopping down at all on any of the shooting modes. At f22 the picture is entirely blown out, and from wide open, it gets progressively over exposed going up the aperture scale.

    I am waiting for an email back from Sigma, but thought I would post here to see if anyone has had this experience.

    It's been great up until last week. Nothing happened that I am aware of, no drops or bumps.

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    Re: I love my Sigma 18-125.... LESS!

    Sorry you are having the issue and hope it gets sorted out soon. Welcome to GetDPI!

    "Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence."

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    Re: I love my Sigma 18-125.... LESS!

    Sigma is the jumbo shrimp of the photography world in terms of quality control.

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    Thanks for the welcome and I love Shrimp....

    But this problem is disappointing. I might add that I have made an effort to clean the contacts on the lens and camera body. I have done some further testing and concluded that the body is working 100% with the two kit lenses.

    So, will call Sigma on Monday.

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    Repair Estimate Sigma 18-125mm... $141.00>>>>

    Within $10 of buying a new lens. The problem was not electrical contacts. The diaphragm was not stopping down.

    I communicated via e-mail with Sigma, describing the problem. They requested test images against my two kit lenses, which were functioning properly.

    I sent test pics to Sigma. They said send the lens to them. They then forwarded it to a repair facility, which I presume is a third party repair.

    I received a call today from the repair facility, telling me that they will repair the diaphragm function and service the lens for $141. Ironic, since I can get a new one for $147 online. However, I am torn between the repair, hopefully receiving back a fully functioning lens, vs. a new lens with a new warranty. The current lens did last past the warranty.

    Thinking about it over the weekend, but not happy to be dealing with this instead of using the lens over the weekend.

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