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Thread: First slide copying attempt

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    First slide copying attempt

    This is my first attempt at copying a slide. This is my set up

    Nikon D 80
    Nikon 105mm micro AIS f/2.8 lens
    Nikon 3T close up lens
    Sekonic L-508 Zoom Master light meter
    Artography 6x9" LED light tablet

    If I can get this image posted, it is a 35 year old Ektachrome slide that has fades quite a bit over the years. I zoomed my meter to 5 degrees and read the reading and transferred it to my D 80 in Manual mode and at ISO 160. The ss was 1/125 and the aperture was between f/4 and f/5.6. Again, the slide is faded considerably. Didn't realize that Ektachrome would do that. Fortunately, most of my slides are Kodachromes which did not fade at all or very very little. Have not used Fuji, so I do not know if they would have faded.
    The image is a little muddy looking, but if you had seen the original slide you would have been surprise to get this good of a copy. Someone told me that it might be improved upon in pp. I do have LR 3.6, but am not very good with it yet.

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    Re: First slide copying attempt

    looks interesting

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    Re: First slide copying attempt

    Very impressive. If that image is without PS enhancement, then that is even more impressive. I'm thinking of trying the same thing with a Panasonic G2 Micro 4/3 camera and a Canon FD 50mm macro lens at f8. The initial challenge for me will be getting the alignment right.

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