Yesterday I had a first glance at some 4K screens on offer, to the left there was a 55 inch Sony, in the middle a 85" LG and to the right a 65" Phillips:

Hands on: Philips 65PFL9708 Ultra HD review | Plasma and lcd tvs Reviews | TechRadar

Boy oh boy! I must say I never saw a picture quality like THAT! I am totally hooked on this 65" Phillips. The LG was a sausage, bad picture quality for 16,000 Euro, a joke! The Phillips blew the Sony out of the water by any standards.

Still costing around 5,5 K, this is nothihg I would pay for a TV, but I assume in around 2 years they will be available for 2,5K -3,5K.

The picture quality has to be seen to be believed, it is that good.