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Thread: Arca Z1 dp Clamp removal

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    Arca Z1 dp Clamp removal

    I'm not a huge fan of the clamp on my Z1 dp lever release. I find the two part unlocking system to be cumbersome so I'm thinking of moving to a different clamp (either an arca screw release or some other brand not sure yet).

    However, I'm trying to take the clamp off mine and I can't get it to come off. It looks exactly the one in the link I'll put at the bottom of the post. I assume I just take out the top bolt? Is that correct? I'm using an 11mm socket and I can't get the damn thing to budge. Any advice?

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    Re: Arca Z1 dp Clamp removal

    If it's like the Arca Cube, they use Loctite or something like it to lock the bolt. You need to apply heat to get it loose.

    There is at least one GetDPI thread discussing this problem.


    (I found a thread elsewhere in which Rod Klukas refers to the clamp as not being "user replaceable.")
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