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Thread: 120 Film version of the Nikon ES-1

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    120 Film version of the Nikon ES-1

    Nikon has this - The ES-1 for 35mm film.

    Nikon Australia - Slide Copying Adapter ES-1 -

    I would like something similar for 120 film. Anyone know of anything around?
    I don't really want to make one.

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    Re: 120 Film version of the Nikon ES-1

    I doubt that there are any, and for good reason:

    - You would struggle to hold the film flat unless there's some kind of glass in the holder.
    - Even my more than 10 years old Epson 3200 can, with a decent film holder, give me a more than decent 20MP+ file from 645 format.
    - Proper scanner software will have profiles for most films, taking a lot of the hassle out of the project.
    - If you invest $2-300 in something like an Epson V600, you also get digital ICE, removing another obstacle to usable scans.

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    Re: 120 Film version of the Nikon ES-1

    Everything Jorgen stated is quite true.

    That said, I've done some very good quality digital captures of 645 and 6x6 negatives and transparencies using the Sony A7 fitted with a Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 PreAI lens using a copystand and flat-panel light box. I use a small box with the ends open, made of thin cardboard lined with non-reflective black flocking, to prevent reflections and ambient light intrusion. A 6x6 frame creates a ~16Mpixel image, a 645 frame gets closer to 23Mpixel.

    The advantage over using a scanner is that once you have the setup, you can capture a lot of film very quickly. The disadvantage is that you have to be careful to square up the negative and set focus carefully for each shot for best results. Inverting negatives to positives for editing can also have its challenges, where most scanner software will do that for you.


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