Our NEC PA monitors were coming to their end-of-life in the studio and needed new color correct high-end monitors.
I called Lance at Digital Transitions and he pointed out a fantastic new monitor just released from EIZO called their CG2420.
They weren't even shipping yet but Lance got us one of the few demo units available until our order could ship.
Just wanted to say Thank You to Lance Schad and the team at Digital Transitions for the great service and consulting on this.
And also to EIZO for making one of the finest monitors for color work I have ever seen. This thing is going to make it easier in the studio for our art repro work and commercial product work.

I was so impressed by these new monitors that I even wrote an article about it!

Eizo CG2420: The Money of Color

My main advice to anyone putting together a system for professional photo retouching is to put over 60%of your budget into your display, "You'll thank me later" With these new EIZO CG2420's that is no longer necessary. Good job, EIZO, well done!
Thanks, Lance, and Digital Transitions!