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Thread: Which Tripod between the Two ??

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    Which Tripod between the Two ??

    Hello All :

    I have selected the MeFoto GlobeTrotter Tripod as my WalkAround and Travel Tripod, but am unable to decide between the Aluminium and the Carbon Fiber version -

    All the specs are the same except the weight :

    Aluminium = 4.6 lbs OR 2.08 Kgs

    Carbon Fiber = 3.7 lbs OR 1.67 Kgs

    Differnce in weight between the two = 0.9 lbs ( 14.4 Oz ) OR 0.41 Kgs ( 410 grams )

    The differnce in price between the two is US$ 160

    So what I wish to learn from the experices you fine peole have is if the differene in the mentioend weight will really make differnce when walking all day with the tripod. Of course, I will have my camera grar too with me, Body w/ Battry Grip + 3 Prime f1/4 lenses.

    I could spend that extra amount money wise, but my questioin is will the difference of 0.9 lbs OR 410 grams really make a diffeence.

    Do kindly provide me with your insights.

    Jai Vora +91 982-136-0044

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    Re: Which Tripod between the Two ??

    Gear tends to increase in weight during the day , how fast that happens depends on your physical condition. 0.9 lbs is actually not a whole lot but it's most likely not the physical part that will get to you but the mental part.

    If money is of no concern I would just go for the carbon fiber one and be done with it. Peace of mind and no regrets afterwards. BTW I got myself a similar CF tripod (QZSD) for travel and couldn't be happier with it.

    Good luck in your purchase.

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