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Service Bulletin to MAC OSX Leopard users
Risk of damaged 3F files after abnormal computer shutdowns when running Leopard

Since the release of Mac OSX Leopard we have registered a number of cases where newly imported 3F files have been damaged after incidents where the Mac has lost power or encountered some kind of irregular shutdown. The size of the damaged files has been reduced by approx. 5MB and the files are no longer recognized by FlexColor.

All known cases have been related to import, but we cannot rule out that a similar situation can occur after tethered capture. It has happened with both OS 10.5 and 10.5.1. We are currently working with Apple on resolving the problem, but we have no indication yet that the upcoming 10.5.2 release will include a fix.

Hasselblad has developed a repair utility, which has been able to recover all damaged files so far. This utility will be made available by Corporate Technical Support case by case.

Work around

Until the issue has been resolved we recommend that you take a few precautions when running FlexColor on Leopard:

1. Working un-tethered: Do not erase your 3FR files immediately after an importing them. If you need the space on CF cards or ImageBanks, make a backup copy before erasing. This way, you have a re-import option if the 3F is damaged. Once your Mac has been restarted and the 3F files show up in FlexColor, you can feel certain that this problem will not damage the files and you can erase the corresponding 3FR files.

2. Working tethered: As noted above we have not seen the issue here, but if you want to be on the safe side make a backup copy of your 3F files after capture. As with import you should be safe once you have made a proper shutdown and restart.

3. Try to avoid irregular re-starts:
a. Make sure that you do not run out of battery power during copy/import/processing of image files.
b. You should always shut down your computer properly avoid turning it off by holding down the power button until it shuts down.

In case you encounter this problem we are very interested in detailed info please contact Corporate Technical Support via email at: [email protected].

Best Regards,

Hasselblad USA