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Thread: New forum announced

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    New forum announced

    Looking at the website I see we pretty much cover a lot of things but we never talk about Presentation and what happens after the printed piece or after the image hits the Tif final. Also how to get your images into a presentable portfolio, what do you do to show it electronically. What software , hardware and how you go about that can you share with the rest of the forum.

    That is what this is about how to matt and frame for galleries, your home , for trade fairs . Point of purchase art work for sale. Electronic media for sending to potential clients , friends, family and such. New things like Ipad presentations with photos.

    End of day what do you do with your art work instead of it sitting on hard drives and/or after you make that gorgeous print. How do you show it in the best light possible.

    Have fun.
    Photography is all about experimentation and without it you will never learn art.

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    Re: New forum announced

    What a great idea! Let me get my thoughts together and will respond shortly with a little details.

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    Re: New forum announced

    good idea....

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