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Thread: Moby offers free music

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    Moby offers free music

    Apparently Moby is offering a selection of music beds free to non profit films and video productions

    an interesting approach to the problem


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    Re: Moby offers free music

    Thanks for pointing this out. It may be the start of something, at least in part of the industry, to start addressing this issue. Nice to see that if one wanted to use the music in a commercial way, they still provide an easily accessible licensing. THAT is at the crux of things right now, and this may be something to help lead the way through. If the industry can find its way to embrace this sort of thing, even if the royalty profits are not directed to a humane charity, but to the artists, but making it easy and accessible, it would be a real breakthrough. In other words, find a way to keep things legal, fair, reasonable and simple, and I do think folks would start to use it.


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