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Thread: How to post high resolution pictures to your wordpress website

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    How to post high resolution pictures to your wordpress website

    I want to add some high resolution images to my website via a wordpress plugin without slowing it down 3000x3000.........How can I do that?

    My other stuff can be seen HERE

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    Re: How to post high resolution pictures to your wordpress website

    I can't comment on WordPress but there are some website hosting applications (like Format) that dynamically scale your uploaded portfolio images for the size of the display. In that case I can upload a large 3600-pixel wide high quality jpg that is over 1mb in size yet it will display quickly on a slow 3G cell connection because the app only delivers a 100kb image to the phone.

    However if your website is dumb code and not dynamically scaling then what you upload is what you get and it is the juggling act of trading image quality for image size. With today's mix of higher resolution devices yet sometimes slow or throttled connections there can never be a good compromise.

    I just looked at your site and it was pretty slow. I know that can vary and it could be my connection but it may be time to upgrade to a more modern site.

    (I've had good luck with Format but there are plenty of other options. I used to use A Photo Folio and found they had a lot of down time and sometimes slow connections. I used to be an early website designer, in fact I designed three Fortune 500 websites in the mid-1990s. For years I "rolled my own" but nowadays I wouldn't dare think of doing a portfolio site from scratch. To get anything close to a hosted site that costs less than $200 per year you'd spend $50K on development.)

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