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Thread: anyone switch from Aperture to LR?

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    anyone switch from Aperture to LR?

    I've used Aperture for the past couple of years and am about to do a consolidation of multiple libraries so I'm pondering my possibilities. Aperture has been OK, except for their inability (?) to get support for new cameras. Seeing that Leica has made the switch from C1 to LR, and the fact that LR supports everything I have and what I'm considering getting (while Aperture STILL doesn't support DLux4 raw files, along with a host of others), seems like it might be worth it even though I don't really like Adobe.

    Anyone made this jump?

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    Re: anyone switch from Aperture to LR?

    Hi , I tried it and was going to change , but I love aperture as DAM and also I have all Nick software I love too .I also have C1 4 pro , and I think its raw conversion IMO is the best .
    So what I do is raw conversion with C! and all the rest with Aperture .

    Waht I do is :

    I import with Aperture but not in library in folders yearmonth / day
    so I have track of all files in Aperture in a project called RAWS ( if you need to do something quick for family etc do it with Aperture and mail or print fast )

    Then I process in C1 from these same folders and output tif to a folder that I later import to Aperture but in its actual location , so I have all in aperture too , continue with dust removal , nick soft ... and print in Aperture

    This way you don't end up with so many files

    And you don't have to change all you already have in Aperture for the last years .
    So finally I didn't spend the money on another program



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