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Thread: What do you risk in a rool-on bag?

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    What do you risk in a rool-on bag?

    I was reading the thread on the new MBP and got to thinking about carrying gear.

    I use a backpack for anything sensitive and put power supplies and the like in the roll-on. There was a thread about belly packs and motorcycles on the Leica Forum, but I thot a motorcycle would be more demanding than a roll-on bag.

    In the US, I get to carry a roll-on and a backpack. Assuming you can take 2 things onboard, who is trusting optics, computers, and the like to a roll-on?


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    Re: What do you risk in a rool-on bag?

    I am using the Think Tank Airport International (a roller-bag) to carry the DMR + lenses + computer. I pack the camera and lenses inside a Billingham bag which then gets packed inside the Airport International. The computer gets packed in a Vyper sleeve from BooqBags and gets put in the Airport International outside pocket. I do this in case any segment of the flight is on a small regional plane where there is not room in the overhead. I can then easily take out the Billingham bag (which has the cameras and lenses) and the computer and carry both of them. Power cords, chargers, mouse, card reader, rocket blower, etc. are in compartments inside the Airport International. I have traveled about 5 times with this setup and it has worked well. One time I had a segment on a small regional jet and there was not room for the roller bag so I was happy I could easily take out the camera bag with the camera and lenses. All has been fine in the roll-on.

    The Airport International is just a tad small to use it the way I am (with the loaded camera bag inside it with a big DSLR). If I just had all the gear packed in the inside compartment it would be plenty big enough.

    Overall, there has been no problem trusting optics and gear with the roll-on but I am not a pro going on jobs so others may have differing opinions.

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