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Thread: Lightroom and ACR strange behavior on P45+ raw files

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    Lightroom and ACR strange behavior on P45+ raw files

    I have run into an interesting issue with my P45+ raw files in both Lightroom and ACR (I realize both are basically the same engine).

    I normally view the images to fit the window size and make most of my color corrections at that size. If I take the window to 100%, the images will lose saturation. On my machines when I go from fit to view to 100% it takes a few seconds for the image to render. When the image first shows at 100% it's out of focus but the saturation is OK, but as soon as it comes into focus, you can see the saturation drop off. And the 100% view is how the image processes. I use prophoto as my space and if I add the holmes profiles for prophoto at 20+, I get back the saturation I was originally looking for.

    No sure when this started. I haven't made any changes to ACR 5.4 or lightroom, 2.4.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Paul Caldwell

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    Re: Lightroom and ACR strange behavior on P45+ raw files

    Do you have some auto adjust box checked in the preferences?


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