Capture One 5.0.1 Crash Using the Vignetting Tool
Windows XP

Capture One 5.0.1 crashes (every time) when applying a preset in the Vignetting Tool. The presets were created in ver. 5.0.

Using presets in other tools has not caused any crashes.

On restarting Capture One 5.0.1 after the crash, all the adjustments made to the image were not saved - somehow the crash deletes all the settings. Out of curiosity, I made several adjustments to an image, closed Capture One, reopened Capture one (the adjustments were intact, the settings had been saved), then tried applying a preset in the Vignetting Tool - same thing, crash and upon reopening all settings were lost. Additionally, upon reopening Capture One the image upon which I was working at the time of the crash is placed out-of-order in the browser either appearing first or last despite not having any rating or coding and by name should appear somewhere in the middle.

In Capture One 5.0.1 remove the presets created in version 5.0, recreate and add them, then all is well! 5.0.1 now does not crash if the presets are created within version 5.0.1. Perhaps this problem only appears on my machine but maybe it will be helpful to someone.