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    after reading something Douglas said in another thread about starting from linear response in C1 , I thought I would try Aperture with RAW Boost set at 0 , so you get a much more pore image at beginning , but I think mid tones are much better and final result is much more smooth and realistic . And I think colors are better too . During process now , its like all controls work finer and more precise .

    Does this make any sense ?

    What does boost do exactly ? is it something like auto gain ?

    I think I much prefer to go this way .


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    Re: boost

    Hi James,

    For years now I've set boost to somewhere between 50 & 70 % depending on the camera I've been using. I also zero out all the other default Raw adjustments such as hue, sharpening, moire and I switch off noise reduction.

    I guess these settings are Apples idea of a good starting point for an image. In the early days of raw developers, raw files were dull and boring until you processed them. With todays raw developers the almost all apply subtle and not so subtle adjustments to the imported files. Whether this is just a visual enhancement for the users initial selection of images or just to make the software look good I don't know, but all mainstream apps do this to some degree.

    Think of it like the in camera processing of Jpgs, looks good but you can improve on it!.

    Waiting for Aperture X, perhaps late February we should have some news .
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    Re: boost

    Hi Eoin , happy new year !!

    Thanks , I'll try zeroing all too .

    Yes , waiting for AP X too , I still like it the most .

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