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Thread: Sharpening Question

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    Sharpening Question

    Do the effects of sharpening on an image as rendered when viewing at less than 100% mean anything at all? I ask because when I sharpen in either C1 or LR, the programs do show the effects of sharpening when viewing the entire image (ie, less than 100%). But when i then process the images as jpeg's and open them, they look totally different, in other words when comparing those jpeg's at less than 100% to the corresponding dng's at less than 100%. Specifically, the sharpened DNG's always look far sharper than their corresponding jpeg's when viewing at sizes less than 100%. But then when I open the DNG to 100% and the JPG to 100%, they look exactly the same. Why is this and is this normal? Thank you.

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    Re: Sharpening Question

    I am not sure what you are saying. But when you process the DNG is the sharping checked or unchecked. This will make a difference in the out come.
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    Re: Sharpening Question

    If you're viewing onscreen, there are also screen artifacts at any view other than 100% and you need to learn how to read them...

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    Re: Sharpening Question

    In ACR & Lightroom the effects of sharpening are only visible when looking at 100%. It is the way these programs work, at least that was how it used to be. I have not been checking it they still are, I just check at 100%.

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