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Thread: B&W Final Print

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    B&W Final Print

    Need your advice please. This image was taken with Sinar x/180 Sinaron DB/Sinar 54M DB. Nik Silver Efex Pro was used to convert to B&W. Just three questions :

    1) Do I expect to have the same range of tones printing it with an Epson "Pro" inkjet printer or sending it to Digital Silver Imaging ? Just to have an idea, I dont think I will print this image in particular.

    2) Will I have better results taking the pic in B&W, scan it with a good scanner ( i.e. Imacon ) and then print whith either of the above mention alternatives ?

    3) Do I need to buy "Digital " large format lenses to obtain better quality with this gear ? I have Sinaron 240mm DB, Super Symmar 210 and Sinaron 90 6.8

    Why am I asking this ? Because is too expensive for me to buy a Tech camera to use with my 54M for Landscapes and Architecture. I have Ebony 45SU and Sinar x and if the quality of the prints are good I can use wide angle lenses without the crop factor of the sensor and dont need to invest in more expensive lenses.

    I am not a pro , only an entusiast amateur and I will not have to sell my prints.

    Thanks a lot

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