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Thread: Aperture 3 Problems

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    I just started having a problem in the last few days after upgrading to 3.0.2.

    My normal workflow is import to Aperture, minor adjustments, crops, sharpening... export to CS3, curves, resize, any "fixing", high pass sharpen, border, logo, save back to Aperture.

    Now when I'm saving back to Aperture3, I get nuttin'. I get a black image in viewer with the little circle/dot thingy in the right hand lower corner. A half rendered image shows up in the browser, but when I click on it, or export it, it's totally black.

    Anyone running into problems with this at all? I'm frustrated and

    I posted this on Apple Support forums as well.

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    Re: Aperture 3 Problems

    Hi Jason,

    I'm sorry but I don't have this problem with CS4 so it may just be an issue with the CS3/Aperture combination. Just check that you are assigning a colour profile in the Aperture preferences for export to the external editor. I've seen problems using Adobe RGB instead of Adobe RGB(1998) when exporting from Aperture to CS4. It might be worth checking these settings in case the update has changed something.

    Have you installed the ProKit 5.1 update from the Apple website?. It's not related to your problem but it will address other memory issues with Aperture.
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    Re: Aperture 3 Problems

    Hi Jason
    I use CS3 with Aperture 3.02, and it seems to be working fine.
    However, there are several things you can do.
    1. What Eoin said about colour space.
    2. there seems to be an issue with some large tiff files with retouch adjustments made afterwards - doesn't sound like your problem though.
    3. When you load Aperture choose Window / Activity, and see if any files are 'getting stuck'. If they are, then you should
    a) Make a note of the filename which is stuck
    b) Exit Aperture
    c) Reload holding down the shift key (this will stop attempts at processing the 'stuck' files). Find the relevant file, right click and 'reprocess master'. If it's a tiff file with retouching, then in the Adjustments HUD, take the tick off the retouch (this won't remove them, just stop them being processed).
    d) Restart Aperture without the shift and open the Activity monitor again and see if it's sorted out. If it's stuck on a different file, repeat the process.

    I had about 5 files like that out of a 50,000 file library, and since sorting them out It's been going like a dream.

    Good Luck!
    all the best

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