Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Capture One allows the user to easily customize the default set of keyboard shortcuts. After repeated requests we are releasing our internal Capture Integration recommended Custom Keyboard Shortcut list. These are intended to increase the speed of your workflow.

Featured Shortcuts

After editing through your images with 1 through 5 star ratings or a green (+), yellow (*), or red (-) colors you can select the images with those ratings/colors by holding option and the corresponding rating/color. So for instance you can select all 5 star images by pressing Option-5. Combine this with the default Option-J command to copy selected images to the move to folder and you have a very fast means of sorting images into a separate physical folder.

Quick Adjustments
Use the standard shortcuts Apple-Left and Apple-Right to switch between images and the custom shortcuts [ and ] to adjust the exposure up and down 1/10th of a stop.

Create Black and White versions of all images in a folder
Use Apple-A to select all images. Use F3 to create a clone variant of all images. Use Apple-Shift-I to invert the selection. Set the saturation to Zero or select one of Capture Integration's B+W Styles. Use the tilda (`) to bring up the adjustment keyboard and check or uncheck the relevant settings for the b+w style (e.g. just saturation, or ICC-profile/contrast/vignette/clarity). Push Enter to apply the changes to all the variants. Now use Apple-Option-< and Apple-Option-> to show or hide the black and white variants.

Read More About and Download our Capture One Keyboard Shortcuts

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