I wonder if I'm alone on this problem.

My PC is 100% stable, my copy of Lightroom (and other software) is legit.

Running Windows 7 x64

Adobe pushed through updates to Flash and Acrobat Reader which I believe have broken this feature of Lightroom.

For those who aren't clear on what I'm referring to, when I want to edit a stack of images the same way I can usually right click and click "Develop Settings->Sync Settings" and it'll give me a bunch of check-boxes for what I want to copy across to the other images. What happens now, if I click Sync Settings or Copy Settings Lightroom freezes, no errors or anything, I just have to kill the process.

Other byproduct of the dodgy Flash update is youtube stopped displaying video.

I went through and cleaned Flash, Acrobat, and Lightroom off of my system, and I cleaned the registry and all temporary files. I then reinstalled Lightroom, and then Flash.

Flash is fixed (ie. Youtube) but I still get Lightroom freezing, I'm not that keen on deleting Adobe Common Files but I assume this is where the problem lies, since they're not usually deleted when you uninstall Lightroom (or any other specific Adobe product).

Has anyone else come across this problem?