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Thread: Cataloging and Keywording?

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    Cataloging and Keywording?

    Hi all,

    I currently use 3 different programmes for my digital files.
    Photomechanic for quick editing that I really believe can't be's so simple, does just one thing and does it really quick!

    Then C1 for raw conversion which I like but have never really compared its converting to others in a detailed level and then I use iview media (expression media) for cataloging & keywording.

    (Then PS for final checking, some sharpening , preparing for print, borders, etc.)

    Like I said I'd never give up photomechanic for quick initial editing but in terms of cataloging, keywording, how do other programmes compare to iview media pro (expression media). It works but I've never really felt at one with it, especially the (in my opinion) cumbersome keywording.
    So for instance is lightroom much better for that even if I first continued to convert the raw files in C1?...or is the converting in C1 difference to the others so negligable to make that an extra step to much?

    Or is lightroom too much simply for cataloging and keywording?

    What other cataloging programmes do you use?

    I never print directly from any of these programmes so that does not affect me at all.

    I'm asking as I'm looking for user experiences but also I think it could make a good thread about image organisation.


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    Re: Cataloging and Keywording?

    I can't compare the various programs, but here is a video on keywording in LR:

    See also:


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    Re: Cataloging and Keywording?


    I am using the same three programs and I do the keywording in Photo Mechanic. I use Photo Mechanic to import (ingest) the images and some initial keywording on import but not for any editing. I will subsequently add keywords to individual files or groups of files using Photo Mechanic.

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