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Thread: Spyder 3 Pro monitor calibration?

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    Spyder 3 Pro monitor calibration?

    Not sure where to post this, but here goes:
    I have a new PC. I run two monitors. Monitor 1 is a Samsung SyncMaster 931B. Monitor 2 is a cheap used uncalibrated monitor, a Philips Btilliance 150P3. Control Panel correctly identifies monitor 1 as a Syncmaster 931B, and number 2 as a Philips. When I try to calibrate #1, Spyder gives me a choice of "Generic PnP 1", or Syncmaster. I have to choose Generic PnP, to calibrtate it. If I select Syncmaster, spyder thinks that is the cheap Philips, and jumps to that screen. I have calibrated monitor 1 using "Generic PnP-1", but feel I may be losing some performance not using the mfg's driver. Can anyone help? I did download the latest digital Syncmaster driver and installed it. Spyder tech people said swap plugs on back of PC. No help.
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    Re: Spyder 3 Pro monitor calibration?

    How about calibrating one without the other connected?

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