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Thread: RAW Converter: DXO, C1 or Silkypix Pro or ...

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    RAW Converter: DXO, C1 or Silkypix Pro or ...

    I've been using Silkypix Pro since it came out for RAW conversion, I really like its colors and speed over most others. The flaw I never liked much on Silkypix is the noise reduction engine which is quite below average. I have used Neat Image several times for noise control of my Sony A900 files. Now Silkypix is about to launch a new version of SP Pro which they'll charge even for current users, and it will cost more to upgrade to it than to buy DXO Pro 6. I've tried DXO and its noise control algorithm seems to be the best I've ever tried, although I thought its UI a bit confusing. I'd like also to consider C1 ( more expensive? ) and Bibble.
    I'll appreciate very much all help I can get from this Forum members for that decision.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: RAW Converter: DXO, C1 or Silkypix Pro or ...

    Nobody has any comments?

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    Re: RAW Converter: DXO, C1 or Silkypix Pro or ...

    Go C1! :-) (highly biased)

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    Re: RAW Converter: DXO, C1 or Silkypix Pro or ...

    My - unbiased - support for Capture One also!
    I shoot with 3 different platforms: Medium format (Hasselblad H1 / Phase One P25+ back), Nikon DSLR (D3x) and Micro 4/3 (Olympus E-PL1).
    For my Nikon NEF files I have been using Nikon Capture since forever. Great results, but an interface that leaves to be desired.
    With the Olympus I used Olympus View. It does the job, but really not the greatest...
    BTW, I never really cared for PS CS5 for my RAW files processing.
    Then with my Phase One back I got to know Capture One. It is free for Phase One back users - the full Pro version capabilities but (of course) limited to the P1 image files.
    Before long this excellent software grew on me. Excellent results and an outstanding, very powerful user interface. The recent free Express version allowed me to try my Nikon and Olympus RAW files and the results are great.
    So, I upgraded to the full Pro version, which is now my RAW converter of choice across the 3 platforms. One software, one interface, great results.
    Life is good!

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