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Thread: Robocup F180 Vision System_YUV

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    Robocup F180 Vision System_YUV

    Dear all,

    We are working on color image processing system for Robocup small size robots.
    Could you please tell us how we can set color in YCbCr?
    We want to make a look-up table in order to classify all of the pixels in a number of color thresholds defined in HSL or RGB such az Yellow,Light Green,Dark Green,Black,White,Pink,Blue.
    We will be very thankful if any body could help us in this process, or at least give us a reference.

    Best regards.

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    Re: Robocup F180 Vision System_YUV

    This isn't really an ideal place to find info about color science, but here goes:

    A good start is Bruce Lindbloom's color website, you will find most of the math you need there:

    Beyond that, Google is your friend.

    Also, it seems from your post that you are making an assumption that HSL or RGB is an unambiguous definition of color. That is not the case. RGB has to be associated with a color space in order to make any sense beyond numbers. HSL is only a transformation of RGB, so the same goes for HSL.

    I hope this helps,

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