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Thread: Opinions wanted: topaz plugin for aperture

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    Opinions wanted: topaz plugin for aperture

    I currently have PS CS5 and Aperture 3 on my MAC. I rarely use CS5 but luv my aperture 3 editing. I recently saw some shots where Topaz plug ins were used on a photo and really made the photo's pop.

    Anyone using the Topaz bundle plug ins with Aperture 3? If so do you like the results? I tried adding PT Lens plug in to my Aperture 3 and found the process so complex that I never was successful in installing it to Aperture 3 are the Topaz plug ins tough to install as well? Never had a problem installing plug ins to Photoshop.

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    Re: Opinions wanted: topaz plugin for aperture

    A3 user (iMac 27", 12G ram, OSX 10.6, 64-bit mode)

    Topaz bundle installs easy. Download - open dmg. Install the Fusion 2 FIRST

    Then install the bundle

    This places the plug-ins in your "Edit with Plug-in" selector Menu bar > Photo > Edit with Plugin or

    Ctrl click a photo > EDit with Plugin.

    Topaz will apply and save the effects and stack the image with the Master.

    My thought is you may have placed the PTLens plugin in the wrong folder:

    ~/Library/application Support/Aperture/Plug-ins/Edit

    The Topaz will install (usually) at the root (System) level Application Support, rather than the User (~) Library path.


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