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Thread: Help me build a C1 or Phocus workflow

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    Help me build a C1 or Phocus workflow

    Hi all,

    Can you (the collective wisdom) help me build a workflow around C1 4.1 (will not likely be going to PRO when it comes out) or Phocus/Flexcolor? I shoot with a DMR.

    In the past, I used Adobe for nearly every step of the process, but I am trying to move away from Adobe because after playing with C1 4.1 for a morning I am getting better results than I ever did from Adobe (which works very well for Canon and Nikon) and Flexcolor doesn't seem to be as painfully slow on the Intel Macs. Also, I am shooting much less than I used to and I don't really need the workflow speed of Adobe. If I have to process 10,000 images at a shot, Adobe is still the gold standard, but I am not right now. My next trip is in a week and I don't expect to come home with much more than about 500 images and I should be able to process images daily or close to it.

    My general process is as follows:
    1. Ingest
    2. Backup (duplicate)/verify to external drive
    3. Bulk rename
    4. Bulk metadata
    5. Rank and edit
    6. Specific metadata
    7. Backup
    8. Raw process/color correct
    9. Backup
    10. (optional) Photoshop batch process: saturation, sharpening/LCE, resize images and generate multiple sizes/copies
    11. Archive

    Honestly I am pretty open to anything. What do you recommend?

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    Re: Help me build a C1 or Phocus workflow

    Need to know more about your environment. What is your digital darkroom set up? Do you have a server? What about offsite backup?
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