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Thread: Canon Histogram & LR 3 Histogram

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    Canon Histogram & LR 3 Histogram


    I'm a Canon 7D shooter. I've set my in camera histogram to be displayed in brightness mode. I also have my camera colour space set to sRGB.

    I shoot & then look at my histogram briefly to make sure there isn't any clipping & that my exposure looks good.

    When I import my RAW file to LR 3 my histogram is usually either a half or a full-stop underexposed - tending to the left of the histogram.

    I know what I see on my camera display is going to be different from the JPEG preview using a different colour space vs. the much larger ProPhoto RGB colour space that LR uses.

    What do other shooters out there do? Do they generally always shoot one-stop over exposed to compensate for the difference?

    Just wondering really as I'm a very much a get it right in the camera person which trying to minimise the time in post.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Canon Histogram & LR 3 Histogram

    Quote Originally Posted by no1bossman View Post
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Calibrating the exposure meter of a digital camera | RawDigger

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