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Thread: Instant JPEG From RAW (IJFR)

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    Instant JPEG From RAW (IJFR)

    This is really neat!

    Michael Tapes (WhiBal) and Imagenomic (Noiseware) have created a utility (for both Macintosh and Windows) that extracts the embedded JPEG -- either from individual RAW files or from all the RAW files in a directory.

    Michael Tapes explains the utility here:

    IJFR supports almost all raw formats including DNG. Some cameras that we missed are Canon 50D, all Sony .arw, and Canon sRaw. We do not support medium format digital files, although someone has asked me to look into supporting Phase One files.

    You can download it from this page (registration required).

    Initially I shot RAW+JPEG with my D300 but switched to shooting only RAW when I realized that I hardly ever used the JPEGs. On the rare occasions I needed JPEGs, I could export them from Lightroom. This utility makes it even easier.

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    Re: Instant JPEG From RAW (IJFR)

    Every time I tried to run the program from download it would say it was installed but there was no evidence of it

    After a few tries I gave up and downloaded Irfanview which did the job quickly.

    I run Vista Business and Kaspersky and A-Squared so maybe something in that combination didn't like IFFR.

    Thanks for making me aware of jpegs being embedded in RAW and that there are programs to get them out.

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