Before you point out photoshop has a built-in HDR script, I know - I've tried it, and personally don't like the results.

I've already written scripts for various settings of HDR after the files have been collected into a single photoshop document as layers.

What I'd like now is to be able to get a script that tells photoshop to open a single file in Camera RAW three times (at +1, 0, -1 EV) and layer them darkest to lightest (top layer to bottom layer).

Is this possible, or will I have to make the exposures manually?

Thanks for your time!

PS: I know there's a lot of hype about HDR on both sides, and I've seen some terribly overblown attempts - all I want to do with this is see if I like the results I can get. I just don't want to spend five minutes to make the basis of a single HDR image, especially if I've got a large workload, or if these will be the basis for a panoramic image, requiring further processing.