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Thread: Backing Up

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    Backing Up

    Hello All,
    at present I have time machine back up everything. Another HD backing up edits and the current year on my mac. I also upload to Picasa occasionally.

    How do you all back-up? Mine are all in the same location so I'm looking for an off site option really, for long term storage. Any ideas?

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    Re: Backing Up

    I back up with Carbon Copy Cloner to one HD on site and another HD at a location that I visit every week. At the second location, the backup is automatically backed up to a HD no. 4. The disk drives are placed in pairs in Probox cabinets with two pairs in each, each connected to an old Mac Mini that is used as a combined disk and print server. The computer that I work from, an MBA, connects to it all by an Airport Extreme at each location. I use 1TB portable 2.5" drives to transport the data between locations.

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