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Thread: CaptureOne 6.4.3 & sRGB1966

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    CaptureOne 6.4.3 & sRGB1966

    How does one go about setting the output profile to sRGB1966 in C1? The print house I use cannot guarantee color accuracy unless my files are sRGB1966 and I cannot find it in the process output profile menu. There are a few sRGB's but not sRGB1966. I can find it in LR4, Aperture, and AfterShotPro.
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    Re: CaptureOne 6.4.3 & sRGB1966

    Output (Icon second from the right on my bar...can be reordered....)

    Under Process Recipe:

    Third down under the Basic Tab :

    ICC Profile - Listed as sRGB Color Space Profile or sRGB Profile...none listed as sRGB IEC61966 but I assume these conform to the spec.


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